ModalBox – User-Friendly Popup Box and Wizard

The Lightbox effect hit the web by storm a few years ago, but its use and functionality is growing each day. From creating photo galleries, to displaying data, viewing video or just opening an external page, Lightbox has changed the way your visitors view your website. ModalBox is in a whole new “box” of its own.

ModalBox is, according to its homepage, a JavaScript technique for creating modern (Web 2.0-style) modal dialogs or even wizards (sequences of dialogs) without using conventional popups and page reloads. Basically, it’s a quick and easy way for displaying forms, images, videos, documents or modal boxes to the user. It’s built off of Prototype Javascript Framework,, and XHTML/CSS. If you’re looking for a Mootools version, check this out.

ModalBox, aside from standard features and the Lightbox effect, has added scrolling ability, offline-mode, and height auto-adjustment.

ModalBox is a simple, easy to install script, definitely worth your time and worth your visitors improved experience.

5 Responses to ModalBox – User-Friendly Popup Box and Wizard

  1. I am using modal box, shadow box, and the original lightbox. they are all in the same thought just added some functionality in every variants.

  2. I’ve noticed users hitting the back key when these things pop up which destroys their functionality – in fact I’ve often done it myself!

  3. I do not like it, because the demo already contains a mistake. If you repeatedly click “validate” the box just keeps growing larger and larger, while there is no need for that.

  4. linkage?

  5. I tried using it and the modal window displays a blank page all the time. Anyone know why this is happening?


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