SQL Buddy – Ajax Powered Database Management

The term “database management” sometimes sends shivers of boredom down our spine. However, when combined with terms like “Ajax” it suddenly doesn’t seem that bad, now, does it? For many, phpMyAdmin was the only answer for creating databases and managing, editing, and optimizing their current database fields and entries. Along came a relatively unknown database manager named SQL Buddy and, with a little help from Ajax, blew the competition away.

SQL Buddy is an open source, lightweight and intuitive database management tool. Ridiculously easy to install, simply unzip the folder to your server and you’re all set. Upgrading is just as easy, just delete your previous “sqlbuddy” folder and replace it with the new version you just downloaded.

The first thing you’ll notice about SQL Buddy is its interface. You can expand/collapse the databases on the left, making it remarkably simple to navigate through and view which database, tables, or fields you want.

Since it is powered by Ajax, you don’t have to wait for whole page loads when you’re trying to simply add an entry to a table. Though it is powered by Ajax, it is browser friendly so you can bookmark and go “back”. Import and Export is standard, as is a great set of keyword shortcuts to help you manage, edit, and select single or multiple fields at a time.

Version 1.2.7 (to be released very soon) will allow you to chose between different templates, along with some minor bug fixes. I highly recommend this application as an alternative to phpMyAdmin for running on your localhosts. If you’re going to be using this on another web host, I would recommend creating a new user with full privileges and password protecting the directory using .htaccess.

The amount of time needed to learn how to use SQL Buddy is basically zero, so what have you got to lose?

6 Responses to SQL Buddy – Ajax Powered Database Management

  1. Never heard of this, will have to give it a shot. Thanks!

  2. Nice, I’ll give it a shot. Thanks :)

  3. I hope you realize that there’s already an existing Open Source RDBMS with the name of SQLBuddy…?
    It has existed for more than 5 years and I assume my friend Tobin Harris who owns copyright of SQL Buddy will not be happy when he hears about this name clash…

    Thomas Hansen

  4. well the original cant be that sucessful cos no-ones heard of it !

  5. i agree with John but for copyright sake. hope they find another name.

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