The RoundCube Webmail System

Sometimes we get tired of hordes of squirrels (referring to Squirrel Mail and Horde webmail systems, of course). Sometimes we prefer the speed of ajax and the interface of intuitiveness. The alternative came in the form of a paradox you might say, a Round Cube, and blew the competition away.

RoundCube is an Ajax powered webmail system that has recently been added to tons of web hosts like,, and many others.

RoundCube offers you the ability to send Plain Text or HTML emails, have an unlimited number of users and emails, multilingual support, email contacts, spell checks and more.

Use RoundCube if you want to impress your Clients with a fancy webmail, or want the ease of its intuitive interface and awesome set of features.

RoundCube almost makes it worth it to just use its webmail as opposed to Outlook or Thunderbird. Whether you’ll agree with that assesment is your call.

4 Responses to The RoundCube Webmail System

  1. So,
    who was the competition?
    Any pros und cons?

  2. …err and what about mailing list applications?
    that would be sweet!

  3. @Karl, take a look at the Marketing > Newsletters category for a list of mailing list apps. Keep in mind, we’ve been online roughly two weeks, so we’ll be getting more online soon.

  4. Oh sorry, didn’t see that. Kepp it up though. Like the content so far and just added your feed.

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