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Ever have a recent surge in traffic but not realize what happened until four hours later because you were using Google Analytics? Perhaps you want to show off your traffic in an attractive and easily embeddable format? Let me introduce you to the truly analytical world of a great open source program named Piwik.

Piwik (Pronounced… eh, we don’t know either) was created to be an open source alternative to Google Analytics. It is certainly gaining some ground.

Piwik installs on your web server and allows you to log in to view the statistics. Easily add users to have either “Viewing” or “Admin” privileges to view or customize your data. Add another website to track with a few clicks of the mouse.

Statistics range from visitor downloads, exit pages, referrers, to amount of time spent on the site, hits per page, actions per visitor, and huge amount of visitor system profiles. Piwik also allows you to export your statistics in multiple formats (XML, PHP, HTML, RSS, Json, CSV) just like Google Analytics. However, Piwik takes it a step further – it allows you to integrate your reports (in the example below, visitors in the past seven days) into any web page rather easily like so:

Another another neat feature of Piwik is the ability to customize your front page using drag-and-drop Ajax interface. Choose from any number of widgets like the Feedburner Subscribers Count widget. If you’re a developer, then you have the extensive developer section and full API list to get your hands dirty.

theDailyApp currently uses both Google Analytics (For the sake of advertisers used to seeing “Google” on each report) and Piwik for my own personal traffic analyzing. It’s truly a great program that will undoubtidly convert a few Googleheads into Piwikheads – it did for me.

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