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When creating a web application it is essential that we test to see if it will work in the “real world” before releasing it into the wild. To test our application many of us use the ever tedious “insert” command in phpMyAdmin to create dummy records. This is a long process and more often than not we simple copy the records of the one before. Generate Data fixes this.

Generate Data allows you to generate up to 200 records to input into your database, regardless of your table structure and fields.

Type in the name of each of your rows for your table, then specify your datatype for each row, (there are 15 choices including Auto-Increment, Phone Number, Address, Email and Date). After that, you can output the results as XML, CSV, Excel, HTML and SQL (MySql or Oracle) to be inserted directly into your database.

Outputting as SQL can save a load of time that would normally have been spent using the simple “insert” command on phpMyAdmin. Generate Data also generates unique data. What this means is that no two names, addresses, or phone numbers will be the same and all emails will be unique and valid.

Generate Data is a great, free, database field generator that is extremely useful if you want to see how it would work in the real world using dummy entries.

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  1. WOW! great find. this one is very useful.

  2. this is usefull, thanks.

  3. I love this app. I have it installed locally and use it quite a bit. Did I mention I love it?

  4. Also, checkout – It has many free test design tools and test data generation tools, accessed online by registering in the site. For example, you can generate test data files of the specified size, generate data in different languages etc. Besides data, you can even reduce test combinations using the Pairwise TestCase Generator. By the way, it is a free online edition for testing community!

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