Oh, Don’t Forget – Free SMS Message Reminder

Reminding ourselves to do something is easy… when we’re at our computer. We simply set up an alarm, or throw a sticky-note on our monitor. What happens when you want to remember the milk? Or to send out a proposal to a prospective client? Sometimes being reminded when we’re not at our computer can help. A text message does the trick. And Oh, Don’t Forget the milk.

Oh, Don’t Forget is a free online text message application.

You type in the cell phone you wish to receive the text message, the day and time you want to send it, and finally the message. Hit “Submit” and you’re good to go. It’s that easy and it’s 100% free.

There’s not much else to say about it. It has great features though. If you want it to send in two days, simply type “in two days”. If you want to receive the message multiple times, go ahead and place a coma between each time you wish to receive the messages.

The texts are sent from remind@ohdontforget.com and received by any major mobile carrier.

Oh, Don’t Forget is a terrific way to remind yourself or someone else via the web. Enjoy!

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