CollabTRAK – Free Project Management For Designers And Clients

When dealing with clients, whether you freelance or not, it is important to maintain a constant line of communication. Details the client wants may get lost in translation or simply forgotten. You used to have to pay top dollar for the ability to share files, send emails, assign tasks, and payment integration. Not anymore.

CollabTRAK (SEOmoz 2008 Web 2.0 Honorable Mention) is a free, online, web-based customer care and project management tracker for designers, developers and their clients.

Create custom fields for the projects and users. What this means is you can create custom package categories based on what your client is requesting (ie. Website Design, Web Development, Application Development, Consulting, etc.). Additionally, you can create multiple administrators that are able to edit and add to projects currently created.

With CollabTRAK, administrators create their client’s username and password. After that client is created, the administrator creates a project and assigns it to that client. All the while, the client is able to login and view their project(s).

Clients and administrators can add notes to each project and join a Live Chat. Both clients and administrators can upload and share files. After any changes are made, you can request an email be sent to let everyone know.

CollabTRAK’s probably most impressive feature is its Paypal/Credit Card payment integration. Once logged in your client can pay their balance simply and securely through Paypal.

If you want to do even more with your account you have two choices: Professional ($10/month) and Download ($50/one time). Professional gives you the ability to brand your page. And Download lets you download and edit the source code

CollabTRAK is the perfect blend Customer Care and Project Management. Perfect for any developer/designer freelancer/team with multiple clients.

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  1. Nice app.


  2. hmmm this is nice application

  3. Hmmm nice application…i like it :)

  4. Glad I found this, thanx!

  5. I like this much better than the app we were using

  6. [...] only downside is, unlike CollabTrak, there is no way the client can pay through your project [...]

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