Simple Online Rolodex with Simple Customer

As a small time web developer or designer we don’t need a full scale BasePackRise (Basecamp, Highrise, Backpack) to store our modest list of contacts. A simple rolodex would do along with a notepad for jotting down specifics about a contact or upcoming meeting. Now you can have both, the rolodex and the notepad, in a online in this simple web application named Simple Customer.

Having an online rolodex is becoming more and more prevalent and for many good reasons. You don’t have to drag around a stack of cards, you can easily search for a contact, it can’t get unfolded and fall apart, etc.

The deceivingly simple to install and maintain web application named Simple Customer allows you to have an unlimited number of contacts. Add their address (which can be viewed in Google Maps), email, phone number, and even additional contact information in case they are unavailable using the first set of contact information.

Along with storing all your customers and contacts in one place, Simple Customer allows you to add and attach notes to any contact. This would be useful for summarizing conversations, tracking progress on a project, questions to ask the next time you speak, or any other additional information.

Simple Customer may be that online rolodex that you were (or maybe you weren’t?) looking for. If the only way you keep track of your contacts is through the use of sticky notes, the back of receipts, or through searching past emails, then I would strongly recommend giving Simple Customer a try.

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