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There are a lot of project management applications. The problem is most of them require a monthly free, and you can’t modify the code. The end of that monthly free will no doubt rise from free, open-source project-management, features-galore (eh, maybe I’m getting carried away?) project management apps, and Collabtive has a great start.

Project Management is one of the most popular web applications. The reason behind it is pretty simple. Despite the obvious “minimize input, maximize output” thinking, developers want to be able to better manage their time between client and personal projects. Collabtive is great for just that.

Using Collabtive, you have your personal project management app on your own server. You can brand it with your company, track your time spent on each project, set milestones, manage files and submit and process tasks.

Collabtive does not flaunt it’s multiple features on its homepage and I’m not sure why. Only after using and working with the demo do you really start to find a bunch of feature gems. Some of these features includethe ability to attach files to your messages that may be displayed by anyone assigned to that project.

Each project gets its own page, and you can assign employees and clients to individual or multiple projects. A great feature of the project milestone page is a simple calendar where you and your client can clearly see the progress your making on the project.

The only downside is, unlike CollabTrak, there is no way the client can pay through your project page.

With it’s powerful features and decievingly simple interface, Collabtive may well replace your traditional “email-only” contact between the client and you. It’s a great way as a freelancer to give your client their own login information and one-stop check to see how their project is coming.

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  1. this one is nice coz its free and its open source. yeah youre right theres a lot of project collaboration tool out there but you need to spend money to use it. thanks for this one.

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