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Getting paid is essential. Making the process of getting paid simply is critical. Being able to track your payments, allow clients to pay online, maintain projects and record time sheets is spectacular. Many applications do this, but few have all the options in one place – FreshBooks does.

FreshBooks is an online invoicing and project management tool that makes it extremely easy to record payments and manage projects.

FreshBooks has an arsenal of features: payment integration with 14 major (and some minor) payment gateways, integration with Basecamp, recurring billing, add your own expenses like food and electrical to see your cost/revenue ratio, and much more.

Customization of your FreshBooks account is almost limitless. You can easily customize your administrator backend, create your own login page, change the colors, logos, etc. on Invoices and timesheets.

They have a customer base of over 400,000 and they saw they’re steadily growing. Reviews from PC World to CNet praises their business approach and customer relationships, turning customers into true fans.

After trying out a free account to write this review, I am strongly considering using FreshBooks for my brother’s and my own business needs. Pricing is very reasonable, but even the free account may be sufficient for your needs. I recommend giving FreshBooks a shot. Sign up for a free account. You’ve got nothing to lose.

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  1. I never left a comment on here before but I would like to start off by saying I really love this site. So far you have led me to some of the most helpful and affordable apps on the web. I now use cushycms and I have been using freshbooks for a while now. So i just want to say thank you for the wealth of resources you have here.

    Now on to the article. I really like freshbooks just my only issue is getting my clients to use it consistently. I still deal with people who are afraid that the internet can not only steal your identity but your soul as well. I really do like all of the features included in the freshbooks suite and I love the idea that freshbooks makes my one man establishment look and feel like I’m backed by the verizon network. lol. But if you are considering checking it out I say go for it.

  2. I have heard a lot about freshbooks but never tried it. perhaps I am too loyal to quickbooks. Actually, I have been using it for a long time now. But last week itself I received a mailer from invoicera. Must say the mailer was really impressive and it compelled me to visit their site. Though the product is in the pre launch stage I found the features to be good. Nevertheless, I have registered for the beta version. But its worth checking.
    As for freshbooks I am going to install it shortly.

  3. Freshbooks is by far the best product we have ever implemented in our company.

    Cash flow is vital, especially right now in this economy. Its most redeeming quality is the user experience. You will want to use this application!

    You can set up Freshbooks to accept all major credit cards, send automatic late notices, quickly edit and send invoices, automate billing and a ton of other important cash management actions.

    How important is your money? If it is really important then use Freshbooks.

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